Sealectric Corp - RF Heat Sealing Equipment, RF Sealers, RF Welders, Dielectric Sealers, Industrial Heat Sealers

 What we do:

  • RF Heat Sealers
  • RF Presses
  • RF Welders
  • RF Bar Sealers
  • Blister Sealers
  • Dielectric Welders
  • Heat Sealing Machines
  • Package Sealing Equipment
  • Position Turntables
  • RF Turntables
  • Industrial Heat Sealers
  • Embossing Machines
  • Debossing Machines

What we work with:

  • Kabar
  • Cosmos
  • Thermatron
  • Thermax Thermatron
  • Sealomatic
  • Duomatic
  • Hall Dielectric

Developing a new product can be a daunting task, which is why we assist you from the early stages of product development to the final stage of production on your manufacturing floor. We pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way.

Sealectric provides the following services:

  • On call repair service
  • Consultation for RF tooling
  • Consultation on RF Welder Care & Maintenance
  • In-Shop Repair
  • Advice on RF Welding at our facility
  • Phone Support


We will work closely with your company and your tooling manufacture in the design essential to your production needs. Should you require a source for RF tooling we have strong relationships with several reputable die makers. Our custom turnkey solutions will benefit your company by alleviating issues associated with the startup of new projects and production lines.

We take great pride in standing behind all that we offer to our clients. Contact us today so we may better serve you.

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