Sealectric Corp - RF Heat Sealing Equipment, RF Sealers, RF Welders, Dielectric Sealers, Industrial Heat Sealers

 What we do:

  • RF Heat Sealers
  • RF Presses
  • RF Welders
  • RF Bar Sealers
  • Blister Sealers
  • Dielectric Welders
  • Heat Sealing Machines
  • Package Sealing Equipment
  • Position Turntables
  • RF Turntables
  • Industrial Heat Sealers
  • Embossing Machines
  • Debossing Machines

What we work with:

  • Kabar
  • Cosmos
  • Thermatron
  • Thermax Thermatron
  • Sealomatic
  • Duomatic
  • Hall Dielectric

Sealectric Corporation offers a full range of radio frequency heat sealing machines and dielectric welding equipment to suits precise production needs.

Radio Frequency Heat Sealing Equipment: We carry RF Sealers, RF Welders, Dielectric Sealers and RF Bar Sealers from 1KW to 50KW.



Specialty Heat Sealers: For  projects where a standard heat sealing machine won't do, we will create your product with innovative solutions. Our available units care capable of flow molding, seal & cut and one of a kind dual stage systems.


Turntables & Shuttles: For larger projects that require a faster production pace, 4 to 8 station turntables, as well as manual and automated shuttle systems can be utilized.

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