Sealectric Corp - RF Heat Sealing Equipment, RF Sealers, RF Welders, Dielectric Sealers, Industrial Heat Sealers
Note: Any machine shown without guards is for visual inspection only. ALL  machines  come fully guarded.

 What we do:

  • RF Heat Sealers
  • RF Presses
  • RF Welders
  • RF Bar Sealers
  • Blister Sealers
  • Dielectric Welders
  • Heat Sealing Machines
  • Package Sealing Equipment
  • Position Turntables
  • RF Turntables
  • Industrial Heat Sealers
  • Embossing Machines
  • Debossing Machines

What we work with:

  • Kabar
  • Cosmos
  • Thermatron
  • Thermax Thermatron
  • Sealomatic
  • Duomatic
  • Hall Dielectric

Welcome to Sealectric Corporation, one of the most respected names in the RF Heat Sealing Industry. Since 1946, Sealectric’s staff has assisted companies across the globe with their heat sealing requirements. We have the capabilities to aid you with all your RF Heat Sealers, Welders, Dielectric Heat Sealers and heat sealing equipment from RF Presses to RF Bar Sealers.

Thermatron F15-25 RF WelderSealectric has the widest variety of parts for ANY vintage RF Heat Sealing machine, no matter how old the model.

We specialize in appliqué, embossing, articulating seal & cut, flow molding and hot foil stamping.

If you are starting a new project, running an existing RF Heat Sealer, or looking to produce the following:

  • PET or PVC Clamshell Packaging Closure
  • Air Bladders
  • Loose Leaf Binders
  • Inflatables
  • CD Holders
  • Applique
  • Sports Equipment
  • Pool Liners
  • or any other heat sealed products

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